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About us

This program is an interdisciplinary (engineering, medical, and management) professional program that aims to nurture students with expertise in artificial intelligence and cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills, and to prepare graduates for future careers in engineering, medicine, and finance, which are important tasks for industrial upgrading.

Purpose Of Establishment

In recent years, there is an urgent need for AI professionals at all levels of industry in China. The semiconductor industry, consumer electronics industry, equipment manufacturing industry, precision machinery industry, robotics industry, information and communication industry, computer manufacturing industry, software service industry, information service industry, digital content industry, telecommunication industry, biomedical industry, textile industry, plastic industry, banking industry, insurance industry, and consortium companies are all recruiting talents specializing in artificial intelligence to promote corporate innovation and improve the efficiency of research and production. However, according to the Ministry of Information Technology of the Ministry of Manpower, the recruitment of talents specialized in artificial intelligence has been greatly expanded. However, according to the information technology department of the Bank of Manpower, if a bachelor's degree is used as the basic threshold, there is still a shortage of more than 6,000 AI talents in the job market. In view of this, Chang Gung University has convened professors and researchers with AI expertise to establish a bachelor's degree program in artificial intelligence (special class) in order to enrich the national AI professional talent pool.

Feature Of The Bachelor Program

Chang Gung University is a quality research university consisting of three schools: the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine, and the College of Management. The College of Medicine was established in 1976 and is currently organized into 10 departments and 4 schools; the College of Engineering was established in 1982 and is currently organized into 5 departments and 2 schools; and the College of Management was established in 1993 and is currently organized into 4 departments and 1 school. The School of Management was established in 1993 and is currently organized into four departments and one school. The University has been working hard in the fields of medicine, engineering and management for many years and has achieved outstanding results. Based on this solid foundation, we have further launched the "Chang Gung University Bachelor's Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence" as the next major development direction. The current faculty is composed of outstanding faculty members from six departments and two institutes: the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering, the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Biomedical Sciences, the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiology, the Department of Information Management, the Department of Business Administration, and the Institute of Business Management. We will continue to transform the outstanding research results in each field into educational resources, and work together to cultivate valuable talents in the field of artificial intelligence, so as to give them the strongest competitiveness in further education and employment in the future.



Contact Us

For more information about this program, please contact the program director, Professor Hsien-Tsung Chang (+886-3-2118800 ext. 3579), or the executive secretary, Assistant Professor Jyh-Da Wei (+886-3-2118800 ext. 3580).